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Excuse us, we're just here for blood Empty Excuse us, we're just here for blood

on Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:20 am
A sudden commotion causes the camera to shift to the crowd. A spotlight finds and focuses on three figures rushing toward the ring.

Announcer 1: Aren't they from Adrenaline?

Announcer 2: You're right! That one is Il Vampiro, the TV Champion! And look, he even has the title with him!

Announcer 1: I knew it! I think they call themselves The Church of Darkness! But what are they doing here!

Announcer 2: Beats me. But I guess we are about to find out!

One by one The Church of Darkness bound over the barricade and circle the ring like a pack of wolves about to fall on an unexpecting herd of sheep. The wrestlers in the ring shift their attention to the people who seem to be stalking them like prey. The Immortal suddenly slides into the ring catching the attention of both Pain Brothers who immediately engage him with kicks. The blows don't seem to phase this monster of a man as he continues to rise to his feet, the sight of this urged the Reapers to join in the assault.

Announcer 1: That's it boys! Show them Adrenaline idiots why you're on this show!

This momentary shift of the Reapers' attention gave both Il Vampiro and Samhain the opening they needed to get into the ring as well.

Announcer 2: Now all three of them are in the ring! But our guys still have the advantage in this number's game!

Immortal pushes both Pain Brothers back to give him enough space to lunge forward and levels both men with a double clothesline. In a burst of speed, Samhain rushes Slasher from behind and dropkicks him on the back of his head, sending Slasher down to the mat. Seeing his tag partner fall, Ravager turns around just in time to meet a big boot from Il Vampiro that catches him right in the face and knocks him down.

Announcer 1: What gives?!

Immortal drags the Pain Brothers to the middle of the ring and stands both of them up by their throats. He then looks at Il Vampiro who gives him a nod and brings his attention back to the duo he's chocking. With strength beyond a normal person, he lifts both men up above his head and slams them down at the same time.

Announcer 1: That was a sickening impact! The Pain Brothers are out cold!

The impact of the double chokeslam rocked the ring and made getting up a bit hard for Slasher, who is caught off guard by Il Vampiro and is whipped towards the turnbuckle. Il Vampiro then whips Immortal at Slasher, crushing him with Immortal's weight. Immortal reels back and gets down on all fours just in time for Samhain to launch himself off his back to hit Slasher with a cannonball senton. Ravager takes the opportunity to roll out of the ring but is still a bit shaken. Slasher takes a few groggy steps forward, holding to the ropes for support so as not to fall and is knocked out of the ring by a rope drop clothesline from Il Vampiro.

Announcer 2: Out tag champs slid under the ropes while the assault was happening!

Announcer 1: There's nothing wrong with that, it's called a tactical retreat!

Announcer 2: Look! They're helping the Reapers up!

While the Pain Brothers were heling the Reapers to their feet, not one of them noticed Immortal climb the top rope and launch himself in a moonsault that catches all four men by surprise and knocks all of them down.

Announcer 1: You have got to be kidding me!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Announcer 2: The fans got it right and by God, they're not done yet!

The four men get to their feet and begin to gang up on Immortal with a swarm of angry blows as, in the ring, Il Vampiro drops on all fours for Samhain to use as a step to jump onto the top rope and launch himself outside the ring in a corckscrew shooting star press, taking out the four men and giving Immortal a window to get back to his feet.

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Both Samhain and Immortal get the Reapers and Pain Brothers to their feet.

Announcer 1: Looks like Il Vampiro is gonna fly too!

Vampiro runs toward the opposite direction and bounces of the ropes to add to his momentum and suddenly the lights go out.

Announcer 2: What the hell is going on!
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