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Parking lot Empty Parking lot

on Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:08 pm
I am not sure which wrestler's are on which show but if 2 of them are ok with  passively participating in this.

The camera is in the parking lot and pans to a Lincoln Continental
Starz:That is a sweet ride.

A man in a hoodie walks up to it with his back to the camera .  As he moves his arms up, the audience notices he has a sledgehammer. He starts bashing the Lincoln's bonnet with the sledgehammer. A few brutal hits and its all bent out of shape. Next he smashes the passenger side window with it, takes a few steps and breaks the rear windows. The trunk bears the brunt of the  next 5 blows. He walks around and smashes the remaining two windows. The mirror is knocked off next and then he catches the mirror on the ground with an overhead swing.
He walks around with the car with the bat resting over one shoulder admiring his handiwork.
As he turns around and walks calmly towards the arena backstage, he is accosted by Dick
< Dick Jones card here>
Dick Jones : what is the purpose of all this destruction?
The camera pans around and the audience sees the face
<Bombay Boulder card here>

Bombay Boulder: Destruction? Do you mean the task in the parking lot?It had to be done.

Dick Jones :  Why did you do it? Is there trouble brewing between you and the <>?

Bombay Boulder: Well I was asked by someone to do it.

Dick Jones: Who was the someone and how did they persuade you?

Bombay Boulder: A man does not reveal the identity of his customer smirksjust like a gentleman does not kiss and tell.

And he walks away calmly with the sledgehammer on his shoulder

The camera switches  ringside to  <Bella card here>  and <Starz card here>

Bella: Who are we kidding? Everyone knows its <>'s Lincoln. It had to be his opponent today <<>>.

Starz: Only Boulder really knows. A gentleman does not kiss and tell and  a gentleman is simply a patient wolf ARRGGGH

The camera pans to the ring

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Kraz J
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Parking lot Empty Re: Parking lot

on Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:07 pm
sorry this was overlooked I will get a pair of NPCs to fight and hook this rp up in that show soon Smile
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