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Chibs Rules

on Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:31 pm
Chibs presents itself as a 198 cm athlete, powerful musculature and XXXL size.
Resistant definitely outside the box, he prefers to hit hard and make his opponents bleed, he can not stand the painful submissions, if he realizes an adversary's deficit he takes advantage of it without mercy, hitting him to hurt and not just to win.
He hardly speaks, he prefers to play his bass with hard chords, in fact he gets into the ring presenting himself with a very dated Fender Precision bass but ... be careful not to touch it!
Socialize with other pg little if not to train and get to know them better, you never know the rest: today they are friends but tomorrow in the ring are only destroyed.
Money is another important factor, in fact it is the only factor that makes it worthwhile to get on a ring (if not to see your opponents bleed!)
The entrance to the ring is preceded by the sound of its bass that intones the notes of "Bang Your Head" of the quiet Riot ""
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