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Thee Don
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Ice cream championships and aunties

on Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:15 pm

Heart's sing child sing plays loudly on Cadillac stereo. Thee Don and her son Krax are headbanging and grooving out on a sunshiney day. Thee Don in front seat puffing a cigar one eye squinting from match and other like eagle on road. They pull up to Mario's Italian Ice angelotti's . She turns down radio a bit and her newly required championship seating shotgun in passage seat . She looks at title and her boys hair and smiles  

Thee Don: OK now sonny boy I promised you ice cream and not only gonna up auntie. Yous can get two flavors and this is anglottis the creamest bestest ice cream in world AND Since momma feeling an espresso in fudge waffle cone with butterscotch  and since love yaz my little man . Buts there are rules no by any means EAT IN CAR we will be Civilized inside of establishment  We will be courteous and use manners  not act the fool and we can both be celebrating capiche!

Krax looks back bobbin his head still smiling and kicking his feet through his carseat.

The camera cuts of size difference of her son to Thee Don. Back turned turning around with huge cones of ice cream. Krax cone is two toned orange and white and blocking his little face . Shivering from frozen dessert and many ceiling fans across the establishment. They sit in booth together lapping creamy rich Italian ice milky goodness. They look at each other and grin almost same psychotic grin.

Thee Don:SWITCH!

They switch cones and take a big bite each and quickly trade back. Krax makes a bitter face but smacks his jaws abit  ,face coated in ice cream His eyes get Huge and starts bounce up in down.

Thee Don's Brown eyes widen and she curses

Merda ! I total spaced I like just gave you Mr  Energy caffeine Lord What have done !

Krax grins and raises his eyebrows making her cackle.

Thee Don: Hey kiddo How bout we up auntie and see your Auntie Widow. You know Aunty Amazon (cackles again) gawd don't every say that to her face . But we love Auntie and yes she's bit spooky with that witchcraft mumbo jumbo but under that tattooed web on her face She Familia Family.... Man got kid college got kid covered in Orange cream and espresso ice cream and expensive gold belt for abusing my body with family of my own ...whoa brain freeze Son of a motherless .......

She clutches forehead and Krax freezing and getting his on ice cream headache starts to cry

Thee Don: Hey Hey now (ignoring her throbbing head from fight and ice cream migraine) Suck up buddy push through it dry them tears. Its good see ...pain happens baby it's how you push forward. You're understanding your momma.

Krax still teary eyed nods and snorts but gets his composure . They clean up and wave by to Italian gentleman who runs it. They get strapped into car and visit Auntie Widow.

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Thee Don
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

on Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:48 pm
Sounds of new age pan flute music waterfalls and wind chimes. Incense and scented candles permeate the air. A green eyed tall redhead wearing a thin white flowing garment and ruby lips hisses

Widow Bianco: Well sister dear what you get in prison for now. Where's your hat ? I haven't seen top of your head since eons ago.

Thee Don: ixnay on prisona kiddo (points to a rather bouncey hyper Krax who reaches up for his Auntie to hold him.) I blacked out robbed bank with hairbrush. Kraz took my piece well that one any way. And my lucky hat, well got a lead swiss cheese shower.

Widow Bianco chuckles : You sure have way with words sister dear . Oh WAIT have Just the Thing!!

She disappears behind current and reappears with black hat with skull charm and red feather.

Widow hands hat over to her as if slowly regretting to but let's her fingers limp so Thee Don has to tug harder to receive . Thee Don looks it over inside and out looking at each stitch and fiber like Jeweler with a diamond.

Thee Don: What's wrong with it? I know you partner and there something fishy.
And ain't the incense.

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Thee Don
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

on Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:17 am
Widow: sighs this Haitian hat belong to a Baron Voodoos priest sorta like that James Bond character with painted skull face. Any who this hat is of cigar and rum drinking Voodoo Baron whom everyone feared and was gifted to me by friend . I can think of any reason this isn't your hat sister dear.

Thee Don : Great a drunk cigar smoking James Bond villains hat. (Sniffs hat) Well smells like good brand Forget About it.

Pulls hat down over head low onto her eyes like she likes it. She looks into Widow's crystal ball as if she sees beyond her reflexion almost frozen paused silenced.

Thee Don: Yuppers fits like friggin glove Thanks Sister dear. Hey why don't you come out of retirement. Like old times.

Widow stares at her like she just witnessed an alien.

Widow: Look sister dear I retired by my choice long ago. I am at peace with that you should to. You got son and hey how's my favorite niece the college girl?
(Quickly changing subject)

Thee Don:Chompers is great settling in met boy you know possible hostage. Smart as whip no complaints. Little too quite with gone but you know Little man and wrestling. Hubby good yous know. Same old...

Widow avoid eye contact with sister and then abruptly hugs her.

Widow: I have a Carta cleansing excuse me. Good bye sister dear and Krax looking so handsome like your daddy but you defiantly have momma smile. Which troubles me. Off I you kiss kiss

Thee Don: Yeah right ( awkward chuckle) whatever's thanks for hat you old crone.

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Thee Don
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

on Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:47 pm
Thee Don is home  with living room lights low on couch her wrapped up in throw blanket new hat sitting beside her on coffee table. Krax fast asleep snuggled tight in his room. Rather quite stillness a rattle of keys promps Thee Don to leap from seat and reach for her pistol.

Kraz J: ( slurred a bit ) Hi honey I am home don't shoot I come in peace.

Kisses her.

Thee Don: Mmm you taste good. Whiskey. How was the boys night?

Kraz J : It was typical but think we have battle plan. How was Angelo's ?

Thee Don: I am I that transparent and predictable ?

Kraz J : Umm No but I do know you pretty well. What's on your mind.

They sit on couch together cozy cuddled up.

Thee Don: Went to Widow's today.

Kraz J: Oh how is Auntie Amazon ?

they both laugh

Thee Don: She's sticking to her guns.You know I am retired blah blah blah house smells like perfumes and mystic crap every where. BUT wasn't a total lost I got new hat. Fits good. She mentioned something about owner was some mumbo jumbo voodoo dude.

She puts hat on and models it for husband.

Thee Don: So whatcha think?

Kraz J smiles : It's looks good hun.

Looks at him with her hand on her hip as if he said wrong thing.
She slowly pushes her shoulder out of her blouse

Thee Don: How bout it now. Yous know I owe you one (wicked smile) You know Ghost and that two faced brother of yours is fuming especially since I took title back to where it belongs back on mommas hips.

Kraz J  leans closer : Honey as you say Forget About it. I have plan for Ghost and My brother I will personally take care of. Now lets just enjoy this victory and this time lone. Come on it's late let's go to bed

Thee Don raises her eyebrows and follows to bed room

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Thee Don
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

on Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:55 pm
Camera looks down at two in center of bed asleep. Moonlight creeps into room between their balcony window.

Alice Cooper's Black Juju drum beats slowly drum but it pick up volume and speed.

Thee Don rises up as being drawn to sitting up nude but her hat and silver crucifix around her neck. Moonlight on balcony sets off silvers firey glare matching Thee Don's white roll back eyes. She raises her arms.

A shadow of feathered headdresses woman with glowing green eyes and blood red lips fill sky like clouds before a severe storm. Rattles sound as Thee Don's body quakes like rattlesnake tail.

An echoy voice of Widow hisses: Baron of chaotic justice of Haiti supernatural savior. You live again. This vessel maybe dark and feminine but is more than worthy. With this blood of serpent a new protector Thee Dawn of Thee Don.

The clouds thunder and lighting cracks blinding lightning. Breaking Thee Don from her trance.

Thee Don: What the bloody hell well bet neighborhood enjoying friggin view. Brrr it's nippy.

She puts on her red silk robe with black trim and slippers and shuffles her feet to kitchen.
Kraz J
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

on Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:39 pm
This is awesome, lets run this as pre-recorded footage at Beyond Extreme before the ppv.
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Re: Ice cream championships and aunties

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