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Thee Don
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Cadillac Eldorado parking lot Empty Cadillac Eldorado parking lot

on Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:01 am
A 1969  mirror black Cadillac Eldorado pulls in to parking lot. High polished American steel accents. Big fat White wall tires. Twin exhaust smoking as such driver's side window bellows white smoke and loud blaring of Ac/Dc's It's long way to top if want to Rock n Roll.

Classical Cadillac turns sharp into parallel park squeal of brakes and heavy bodied car grind to abrupt stop. Thee Don puffing remained cigar flicks cigar out window hap hazardly hitting a red object who beings to shout reaching for her car door.

She looks back a portly gentleman in a red suit jacket waving tiny piece of paper. Almost spasticly .

She steps out of Cadillac to be nose to nose with a large dopey guy in red suit jacket waving a ticket. Chanting "Take ticket, take ticket".

Cadillac Eldorado parking lot 35189713


She Lear's back at chubby red jacket man suspiciously.  Then walks over to opposite side of her back seat and swings open door.

In a sweet almost harmonic tone Thee Don smiles and leans into car.

Thee Don:  My Bambino, little man Krax . Let's get your arm out...now other arm and.......Jump to mama. Good boy!  Let's go find Daddy now remember this mommy and daddy's work so stick close and no messing about. Capiche!

Krax looks up with his big doughy eyes scraggly hair and tiny grin and holds his mother's hand Nodding yes.
The Both look up and try to take step forward. And blocked again by portly man red suit jacket chanting " You need ticket you need a ticket" then puts his hand out.

Thee Don  thinks   " What's this mongoloid in red suit jackets deal? He's way to close my car and my child and if blocks my path one more time.....I'll knock into next week. No no Donna you promised Kraz J . You have your son he's watching your ever move you really don't want see me cuffed again being dragged offed by sirens and lights freaking little dude to crying. Besides it's first day on job. You're professional (chuckles) professional hitwoman (chuckles) and looks man red suit jacket.

Thee Don: OK I bite whatcha want ? What's ticket for. You look little old to be a Jerry's Kid. Not that find great see yous people holding a job ...good you sweetie .

She takes ticket from his hand yet his hand still open in the way. Puzzled she scratches her head then as if a epiphany light bulb she raises her hand and slaps him five.

Thee Don: ok (holds her hand out) do not leave me hanging .

The man red suit shakes head and stammers
"N No keys give me keys"

Thee Don: Let me get this straight you give me piece of paper and I am to hand you keys to this priceless classic car that I don't even let my husband drive. Hand you?  A stranger MY Keys? You're out of frigging mind. Excuse me , but bet  you can't even figure out stick shift Forget about it.It's good where it is buddy.NOW step like either to left or right and let me pass bub.

The man in red suit waving hands no

Krax looks up at his momma who trying so hard not to loose her temper. He tugs on her coat tail and winks.
Krax rears his foot to man's crotch almost lifting off ground from impact. Smiles at his mom. Who reaching into purse and slips on her brass knuckles. She reaches back with back fist to hunched over man knocking cold conked to ground below.

Thee Don and Krax hand and hand step over man and head to door.

Thee Don: Good going got both of him right into cannoli. Ice cream later? Wish try talking more kiddo. Then again stealth and no back talk kinda nice. Take your time bubba.

Tossles his hair and enters building

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Kraz J
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Cadillac Eldorado parking lot Empty Re: Cadillac Eldorado parking lot

on Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:40 pm
I love this rp. Smile
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