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Jeleva Delain
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"The Vampire"s Guide to Improving Fan Counts

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:45 pm

Why is my wrestler's Fan Count on TWG Important?

In TWG Fan Counts only matter for federations. If you are not in a federation, the number next to that might as well be a big zero. Your Fan Count is your following behind the scene's that helps federations like Mad World to succeed and thrive. When your wrestler is booked in a show the amount of fans you have goes into determining how many seats sell at that show. If you have 2,000 fans then Mad World will be able to sell up to 2,000 tickets by booking you in a match (Pending ticket prices and RNG). Now not only do fan counts help Mad World but they also help YOU! YES YOU!!!

When your wrestler is booked in a match not only do you get paid an amount of money equal to your contract. But you also make merchandise sales. Based on how many fans are at the show you get a paycheck for a random amount of merchandise that they have bought. So all in all, improving your wrestler's Fan Count helps the fed get a better score in the rankings AND more money in your pocket for Entrances, Special Abilities, Move Training, and Move Learning!

How do I improve my Fan Count?

In the new engine in TWG (Current Engine) there are three ways to improve your wrestler's Fan Count. And they are as follow...

Playing TWG

This is not a lie. Your wrestler's Fan Count improves simply by playing TWG. The mechanic behind this is, with every 15 Energy Spent initiating matches, you gain +1 Fan added to your wrestler's Fan Count. For people who do not have an Energy Bar that high do not worry! This is Cumulative and the progress continues even if you have to log off and play again later. If you do 7 singles matches and then come back later or tomorrow and do 8 singles matches that is 15 energy spent which will yield +1 Fan to your wrestler! Now keep in mind this is by energy spent, so you can earn fans by doing tag team and stable matches as well!

Signing Up for Tournaments

In TWG you can spend TP to sign up for Tournaments in the Arena section of the game. When the tournament's have enough people to run they begin automatically and you will be notified in the reports on these matches. For every match won in a tournament you gain +2 Fans added to your Fan Count. But this is a high risk way of gaining fans! If you lose a match during the tournament you are eliminated from it and must wait for another tournament to be filled up to begin for another chance.

Spending TP!?

Seems pretty simple right? For every 5 TP spent in the game you will gain +1 Fan added to your wrestler's Fan Count. The spending of TP is also Cumulative so you don't need to spend TP in variables of 5. For example if you were to go to the shop under the wrestler tab and buy an Energy Drink for 15 TP you would gain +3 Fans added to your Fan Count. If you were to go to your wrestler's page and spend 25 TP to purchase a new match type you would gain +5 Fans added to your Fan Count. If you were to spend 4 TP to join a Tournament and 2 TP to join a small Private League that would be +1 Fan added to your Fan Count!

This means that TP is money in a federation world! So do those daily targets, grind those monthly and flash events (If Supporter) and have fun spending that TP!

~Jeleva Delain

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Kraz J
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Re: "The Vampire"s Guide to Improving Fan Counts

on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:03 pm
Thank you for this guide. Its awesome
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