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Matthias' Bio :) Empty Matthias' Bio :)

on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:26 am
Avatar Image: Any picture of Thor

Wrestler Name: Matthias

Alignment: Tweeter (mostly face)

Weight: 220lbs

Height: 5ft 11

Nationality: Norwegian

Gimmick: Easily enticed by females and attempts to appease everyone including the fans even if this means doing dangerous or stupid things.

Bio: Matthias comes from a middle class family which had a long line of commentators but no wrestlers - Matthias is the first one in his family to professionally compete.Matthias comes straight out of the Norwegian Wrestling Federation which has created Norway's finest wrestlers (he was trained directly by Norway's Miss Nina). Although he had not accomplished everything there was to accomplish in the federation, he was seen by the Mad World GM who recognised his talent and decided to bring him to Mad World.

Taunts: 1) Chest Thump : Mathias lifts his right thumb
brings it towards his chest
and hits it repeatedly executing a Matthias Chest Trump

2) Make some noise! : Matthias runs to the ropes and waves his arms in the air.
The crowd responds by cheering him on loudly executing a Make some noise!

Signature Moves: 1) Matthias hooks his opponent by the arm
and throws him to the ground to make his face strike down with a Norwegian Face Buster

2) Matthias flanks his opponent, and grapples his head
and starts gripping it violently, performing a Side Head Lock

Finishers: PPV finisher: Din Død (Ding Dong the opponent is dead; heel move) : Matthias stands at the turnbuckle, laughing at the opponent before running and violently kicking the opponent in the head! Knocking him out! executing a Din Død

2 - more heel) Matthias stands in a fighting pose
then he hits his opponents with many kicks by executing Kicks of Doom

3) Matthias lifts his opponent up onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position
falling backwards while throwing him so that he flips forward and lands on his back executing The Party Choker
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