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Thee Don
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Garth Robert's interview Empty Garth Robert's interview

on Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:44 am

Thee Don  walks down hallway and stopped by some guy in mirrored sunglasses and feathered hair.

Queen of Mayhem please a word .....

Thee Don looks him over

Thee Don:
Whos  you  supposed to be? You look like my  nephew Sno Ball who just got retired and finally no living in sin with manager Cupcake and made her legit. Good for them he wasn't that good wrestler anyway.....

I am Garth.....

Thee Don snickers.

Thee Don:
Yous tell me when yous was born your momma look at this brand new Bambino and said with straight face ....."Let's name him after blonde dude in glasses from Wayne's World"

um Thee Don  last week Emelia and you had destroyed most of backstage area.

Thee Don:
umm no we destroyed lunch room, a hallway and male locker room. Get your facts straight GARTH. And steps will be made to remedy this bovine diva and her attitude problem.

Do you think it's fair that you keep body shaming Emelia because of her weight.

Thee Don:
Body Shame? It's shame she (not me) let it get in that condition. I didn't force her eat all them hamburgers and fried chicken. She did that her self. Not my fault she don't know moderation.

From behind Emelia charges at Thee Don. Thee Don side steps letting Garth Roberts get full force of her attack. Knocking him hard to floor breaking his designer sunglasses. Emelia looks down and realized she missed her target.

Thee Don:
Well Garth Emoooooolia on top of ya ask her. I got things to do. Awe leave you two get acquainted. Party on Garth. Party on Emelia the moo cow.

Thee Don laughs walking away leaving them to deal with what just happened.
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